Monday, November 23, 2015

An Important Announcement!

This morning, Tony's and Cousin Nancy's dear friend, Gerry Olert, the best videographer, editor and producer in Texas, came out to make a 2015 Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch holiday video. And I got to be the star of it, because Cousin Nancy wanted me to be in it. Here's a picture that Tony took of Gerry before shooting/filming us for the video.

Nancy of course did all of the talking and all I had to do was look cute and we both did an excellent job. FYI: Bob is in the picture, too, but you can't see him, even though he was sitting on top of Cousin Nancy's head and giving the universal two finger, peace sign.

And after Gerry had finished our photo shoot, Cousin Nancy surprised both Bob & me with an important announcement. "As of right now, I am officially appointing Little Debbie as the official mascot of the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch!" 

I was totally shocked with her declaration and so was Bob. 

So, as the official mascot for the rescue ranch, my first duty is to wish everyone the very best Thanksgiving that y'all have ever had!

P.S. When the holiday video is ready to be viewed, I will be sure to post it, so you can see me performing. In fact, afterwards Cousin Nancy told me that I was a natural.

I'll write more later and Bob says hi.